At Dtek we deliver excellence in janitorial cleaning right from the very first service. To ensure our cleaners keep quality at an optimum level, we have developed the DFS Quality Control System which benefits our clients by maintaining long-term consistency with every clean. We strive to ensure that the highest standards of janitorial cleaning are attained. Your staff will benefit from having a pristine work environment every time making everything sparkle and smelling fresh. Many cleaners in the market offer tempting quotes and promise a quality cleaning service but unfortunately many fail to deliver the same standard with ongoing service. The main reason for this is that they don't invest in professional and trustworthy cleaners; nor do they cultivate a company culture based on trust, reward and acknowledgement. At Dtek we believe that the ongoing development and training of all our staff will provide greater job satisfaction and ensure we always deliver a reliable, best practice service. .


We provide maintenance service across a broad range of environment and facilities. Dtek comprise of experienced professionals that handles your facilities with care and maintains it to make it look as new as it can ever be.


Your travellers won't see us working but they definitely would feel our presence as our gleaming work would be very much noticeable. We take great pride in our appearance and that of our cleaning equipments, our service in this aspect involves a thorough cleaning of floors and surfaces as well as fumigation that leaves your aircraft sparkling and pest free. Here's our motto for these "FLY CLEAN,FLY SAFE".


As professionals in this field, we carry out gardening, landscaping and maintainace services in two ways which are:

  1. Rehabilitation of the landscape and flowers therein
  2. Regular maintenance of the landscape and garden
Our methodology involves Watering, Mowing, Hedging(Hedge is a row of small trees/plants planted close together along the edge of a field, garden yard and should be trimmed both on top and on the sides), Pruning(To cut off the edges of trees around the plant area), Weeding, Fertilizing, Pesticide application e.t.c.


Effective pest control management requires proper understanding of pest factors such as types, biology, habits, available control methods etc. of pests commonly encountered in our environment. It also requires the understanding and manipulation of environmental factors that aid the proliferation of pests and common bugs. We earnestly believe that for a pest free environment place, you need to fumigate your offices/homes at least once every quarter, It is therefore imperative to ensure that regular pest control activities are carried out to avoid the physically, psychologically and financially costly prospect of pest related diseases. At dtek facilities services, getting rid of pests is like a hubby which however we do with utmost professionalism.


Running a hotel can be a very complex endeavor that requires careful planning and hard work to ensure the effective interaction of all departments and the smooth running of the hotel in general. We perform a wide range of tasks, helping to ensure the smooth operations that result in happy customers.


Waste management services refers to waste evacuation and disposal conducted for the care of premises, buildings etc. The foundational principle of our waste management services is premised on creating strategic and operational synergies with our clients by taking care of their environment and thus creating a conducive environment for them to work. Outsourcing generally is borne out of the management paradigm, which became popular within the last two decades. It presupposes that outsourcing non care functions frees up the necessary resources and allows them to be focus on the core business of managing the state affairs.


dtek facilities services provides services in several other areas some of which includes: Drivers Outsourcing, Drainage and erosion management, Medical facility maintenance, Executive housekeeping, Office equipment and Asset management, Consultancy services e.t.c. Please contact us for enquiries.