In tandem with customers' requirement and current market realities, dtek facilities services limited (DFS) pioneered the use of cutting edge computerized support for the deployment of its Waste & Facilities management services deploying full fledged total facilities management services in a unique way.
dtek facilities services limited is strategically positioning itself to become one of Nigeria's leading TOTAL FACILITIES MANAGEMENT COMPANY. We will deliver unparalleled quality and unmatched value to our clients through synergies and seamless integration of our corporate strategy, human resource capital and operational processes ensuring our services consistently meet and exceed our clients' expectations. To further enhance our capabilities and in addition to our international relationships we plan to establish local partnerships with reputable institutions in the area of automation of maintenance services, power generation and maintenance and technical skills partnerships. More

We Create

The landscape design becomes reality as we begin transforming your facility into the landscape of your dreams. Your ideas are realized with care and flexibility. We are avaliable at every point to ensure you get exactly what you want.

We Design

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Your ideas become real through the landscape design process. We consult you on budget, needs and desires and create for you a realistic design for your yard. There is no need for mysteries when it comes to your landscape

We Listen

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How do you want to use your landscape? What colors would you like to see in your home, around your office or your facility? Do you entertain during the winter or rainy season, beside the pool or at your bar?

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